DIY Natural Stone Installation and Sealing Recommendations

Here are some natural stone recommendations to help you better understand your product in order to produce a beautiful final product. 

Product: Light Travertine from @macrostoneindustries 

There are a lot of things to consider while working with natural stone tiles. One of them is that every single tile will be unique because they are plainly natural and earth-made so variations in color and veining should be expected. 

Check the stone tiles for any flaws before laying them. Make sure the shade is uniform across the entire batch and if there are enough tiles for your project area. It’s better to have some extra from the same batch to make room for flaws, mistakes, cuttings, etc. 

Specialized stone adhesives and grout must be used when laying any natural stone. Choose a grout that is as close to the color as the tiles.  

Take note: Acid or industrial cleaners having an acidic basis shouldn’t be used to clean natural stone.

Certain natural stones will react with salt-containing adhesives, sand, or cement and these materials shouldn’t be utilized in stone applications. 

Sealer: Environex Synergy from @macrostoneindustries 

Stone in nature is porous.  Natural stone products need to be properly sealed with the right sealants. A vital element in the installation procedure is sealing your stone. This will secure the tile throughout its lifespan by preventing it from absorbing water or other liquids that may be spilled on it and ensuring there will be no staining. We have Environex Sealer in our showroom, which we highly recommend. Different sealers are needed for various natural stones. 

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