Different Types of Natural Stone Finishes

Are you considering incorporating natural stone as a primary material to enhance the aesthetics of your spaces? Different stone finishes can provide such a different mood. These finishes are the last feature carved onto the stone’s surface. Each finish has its own appearance and texture, which tremendously contributes to the development of your style.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the popular types of stone finishes available, their application (indoor or outdoor), and some ideas for using them in your home or projects. 


Anyone wishing to create a rustic atmosphere in their home would appreciate a tumbled finish. You may notice that tumbled floors are rougher at the grout lines, which simulates aging. This gives the floor a lovely old vibe. Not all types of stone can be tumbled, only strong stones can withstand the tumbling process. Also, this finish perfectly simulates a traditional stone floor, which is a big hit with our customers. Besides the outdoor applications, the tumbled stone is used in interior wet areas such as showers, backsplashes, and bathtub surrounds. Our tumbled finish is one of our most popular flooring options, and it is well-liked for its soft, smooth, and rustic appearance.  

Natural Split 

A natural split finish is a stone that is entirely natural and has a split stone look. Once retrieved from the quarry, the stone is not processed in any manner. It is simply cut into blocks and sold in its natural state on the market. The natural appearance of the stone determines its ultimate appearance, and because it is natural, no two stones will look the same. When installing stones with a natural split finish outside, they must be sealed to preserve them from the extremes. It is mostly used for exterior applications such as wall cladding, patios, and paths. 


The inherent color and other properties of the stone are highlighted through polishing. A polished stone is very smooth, reflective, and resistant to external substances. The natural stone’s degree of polish is controlled by its mineral content and texture, and not all natural stones can be polished. It can only be done on crystalline stones. It is often used as an interior wall and floor covering, as well as for bench tops and kitchen counters. This is not suitable for outdoor pavement since it lowers slip resistance. 


A sandblasted finish generates a finely textured surface suited for usage in traffic ways by applying a high-pressure blast of sand and, or, other grit, moving back and forth across the surface until there is a fine, textured effect. This treatment softens the color and details of the original stone and is an ideal way to create a slip-resistant surface for outdoor and wet areas applications. 


This flamed finish is obtained by directly exposing the stone’s surface to a high-temperature flame and immediately cooling it. Furthermore, not all natural stones can be flamed. Only extremely crystalline stones, such as limestone, granite, and quartzite, can be flamed. The flamed treatment creates a porous, textured, thin roughness on the material and protects it for outdoor installation. It is frequently utilized in outdoor applications such as sidewalks, paths, steps, and patios. 


Honed stone is the most often used and recommended interior floor finish using several grades of abrasives. This is ideal for high-traffic, low-maintenance applications. Its surface is not too shiny and reflective, unlike polish finishes. The silky smooth surface finish ranges from matt to bright gloss. It is commonly used on walkways, and interior wall coverings and can also be used outside in warm conditions, on table tops, and light-duty residential flooring, and so on. 

If you’re ready to select a natural stone and finishes for your home or project, feel free to contact us! 

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