Natural Stone Pool Design Inspiration

Desert pearl Limestone Natural Stone Tile Paver Pool Coping

What type of Natural Stone is best for your swimming pool?

There are various materials to consider when designing your outdoor living space and building your swimming pool. For thousands of years, people have used natural stone. And for many homeowners and designers, natural stone is ideal for pool pavers and pool tiles since it is slip-resistant and long-lasting. It’s extremely durable and can withstand heavy foot activity in your backyard. Natural stone has the added benefit of being eco-friendly.  

There is a range of pool paving alternatives to match your design style. In this blog, we will show you some pool design inspiration using some of our most popular natural stones and what type of natural stone is best for your swimming pools based on some of the most important factors to consider when selecting pool pavers. 


Travertine is an excellent choice for pool decking, not only for its exquisite beauty but also for functional reasons that will keep you in the pool area for long periods. It is known for being slip-resistant and can handle a wide range of weather conditions. It is commonly used in both interior and exterior construction and it will surely give your pool deck an attractive appearance. Travertines are usually available in warm tones such as creamy ivory, beige, soft brown, taupe, and grey which can make them quite versatile to use for both outdoor and indoor design. 


Product: Light Travertine
(This travertine pool deck compliments this beautifully minimalistic, and translucent home. The reflection of wall lights in the pool makes it more inviting. Plus the incorporation of entryways makes it easy to go in and out of the outdoor space seamlessly.) 


Limestone, like travertine, is widely used in both interior and outdoor projects. Because of its beauty, a wide range of colors and textures, and long-lasting durability, limestone is popular among pool designers for decking and pool coping. Limestone is also available in a range of colors, ranging from black to grey to warm beige, and it can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes for your project. 


Product: Macro Beige Limestone
(Whether you have chosen classic or modern styling for your home, this limestone will add a harmonizing finishing touch to your pool deck area.) 

Ash Grey Limestone Natural Stone Tile Paver Swimming Pool, Pool Coping


 Product: Ash Grey Limestone 
(For a sleek and neat ultra-contemporary look, choose darker natural stone for your pool area. Add drama and interest by using black or grey limestone.) 

Madagascar Gold Limestone Natural Stone Pool Coping

Madagascar Gold Limestone Natural Stone Pool Coping


Product: Madagascar Gold Limestone 
(You might consider having a clean, and classic rectangular pool with fencing in your pool area that will provide extra privacy and safety.) 


Sandstone is an extremely popular material for pool coping and surrounds. It has non-slip properties as well, but because it is very porous, it should be well sealed before being used around a pool. Sandstone is extremely long-lasting and will endure the test of time. Natural Sandstone will enhance the aesthetics of your swimming pool and surrounding areas. 

Dusk Sandstone Tiles Pavers


Product: Dusk Sandstone
(The earthy shades of sandstone create an open, beachy vibe. It reflects a classic, timeless architecture that works well with both modern and old buildings.) 


Crazy paving is the combination of different sizes and shapes of pavers. Transform your outdoor area by uniquely styling it using crazy pavers. 


(Spray the charm of the Mediterranean around your pool with a playful look and eye-catching crazy pavement.) 

There are more natural stone alternatives available when it comes to the best stone for pools. If you’d like to learn more about our natural stone products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always willing and able to help! 

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