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ANTI EFF is a specialty acid formulation designed to safely remove efflorescence from most forms of pavers and masonry blocks. ANTI EFF may also be used to remove grout haze and mortar residue.
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HD Cleaner

HD CLEANER is a powerful caustic detergent degreaser formulated for safe and effective removal of heavy grease and soil deposits encountered in kitchen, food preparation areas, plant, machinery and workshops.
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MAESTRO is a specialty formulated chlorinated cleaner designed to remove unsightly organic stains caused by moss, mould, animal faeces (Possum, Bat, Duck, Wombat, Kangaroo etc.), timber and leaf tannins.
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REFRESH is a pH neutral detergent designed for routine cleaning of all sealed surfaces and will gently clean and condition floors ensuring a longer sealer life.
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S21 Multipurpose Cleaner

S21 MPC is a remarkable hard surface cleaning concentrate which has an outstanding grease cutting action. S21 MPC can be used for cleaning bench tops, splash backs, dirty floors, tyre and rubber marks.
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Ban Rust Cleaner

BAN RUST is a remarkable blend of mildly acidic cleaning agents designed to easily and rapidly remove bore water and rust stains from most surfaces.
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HI-LITE is a premium semi penetrating sealer designed to darken and highlight the natural beauty of the stone without making the surface too slippery.
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TUSCAN TSL is a world class eco friendly low VOC organic solvent based sealer.
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PINNACLE TSL is the next generation in Eco Friendly, Low VOC Organic Solvent Sealers. This World Class Penetrating Sealer is designed specifically to have a slight colour enhancing or darkening effect.
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Viton Seal Sprayer

Vitron seals are four times stronger than standard seals. Convenient, long-lasting carry strap - for convenience.


SYNERGY is a world class combination consolidator and penetrating sealer specially formulated for superior stain and salt protection around swimming pools.
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Lambswool Applicator

Note: Other Environex Cleaner and Sealers are also available.

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