Bianca Marble Natural Stone Tile

Bianca Marble Tiles and Pavers


Colors: White

Applications for Marble: Dry & Wet Areas, Flooring, Feature Walls, Internal, External, Paving, Cladding, Patio, Alfresco, Driveway, Porch, Swimming Pool, Pool Coping, Countertop

Most Common Sizes (mm):


  • 30 MM Marble Pavers
  • 20 MM & 15 MM Marble Tiles
  • 30 MM Bullnose (made to order)
  • Square Edge & Drop Down Rebated Square Edge
  • Custom sizes made to order (eg. 812×406, 406×406)


Bianca is a cloudy white marble with mostly thin black veinings. It has a timeless beauty and provides elegance to your home interiors.

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