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Stainless Steel / Polymer Combination

HIDE ‘Combination Kits’ utilize the proven strength and robust properties of the HIDE® stainless steel lid combined with a Polymer Edge Protector. The Polymer Edge Protector insulates the stainless steel and therefore does not require earthing and the polymer color blends in with surrounding tiles.


  • Discrete key access – Full stone coverage
  • Simple inlay fabrication with no moving parts
  • Inconspicuous locking system
  • HIDE’s proven keyway safety access
  • Ash, Bone & Charcoal color options to match tiles
  • Polymer is available in 20mm & 30mm depths.
  • 20-year warranty stainless /5-year warranty polymer
  • Conforms to Australian Pool Safety Standards
  • Cannot be lifted without the safety key
Polymer Kits

HIDE ‘Polymer Kits’ consist of a polymer Lid and Edge Protector. Polymer Edge Protector will suit installations where bonding (earthing) is unachievable.


  • All the benefits listed above
  • Polymer products have a 5-year warranty
Stainless Steel Polymer Kits
Fully Polymer Kits

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