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Stone has been used for roof tiles all around the world for centuries. Almost any of our stone materials can be manufactured as roofing tiles and add a sense of completion and purpose to one of the largest and most prominent areas of a home. Stone roof tiles are hard wearing, long lasting and provide a great finishing touch to all variety of homes whether they be modern, contemporary or classic in style. Use a highly insular, heat reflective material and colour in a hot environment or a dark, absorbent stone to add a sense of strength and character to the top of the house.

STANDARD SIZES // 400×400,
400×200, 300×300, 300×150

For use on external roofs of homes and commercial buildings. Can be laid as you would lay a masonry or terracotta roof tile. Why lay masonry or outdated terracotta roof tiles when you can have a natural stone version for the same price? Never fades in colour, looks fantastic in a modern, contemporary or earthy environment and suits all types of homes. When you finish a home with these roof tiles you add an extra level of monetary value and sophistication that cannot be achieved with masonry, colour bond or terracotta.

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Stone Roof TIles
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