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Limestone and its Qualities

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is mostly created in areas of calm water. Created from compacting naturally organic lifeforms and minerals that, with the pressure of water, are so dense it forms one of the strongest stone varieties. Hence it has been used throughout the ages to create giant and magnificent structures that have stood the test of time.

Lets start from the beginning with some visible characteristics of Limestone. Limestone can come in a variety of colours. These include: warm reds, oranges, yellows, creams, corals, greys (light to dark), and white. Other than colours the stone itself can be more solid in appearance or a more fossilised stone. Once picking a limestone to suit your needs, if using it for a house/home, is deciding on the best finishes of the stone. These included honed, polished, brushed and filled, just to name a few.

When looking deeper into the stone you will find that it is built on a calcium base. This is due to being formed near water and by organic material. This does mean the stone has a weakness to acid but being so dense has allowed this stone to be quite resistant to most attacks. It is strong and highly durable in any environment. Look at the Pyramids of Egypt, they are still standing due to the strength of their limestone blocks.

This resistant and durability is why Limestone is so appealing to todays construction and home building market. It is strong, child proof, sustainable and soft underfoot if the appropriate finish is used.

Note: Child proof in regards to stone: it is hard to scratch, easy to clean if an accident or art lesson that goes horribly wrong, it is hard to crack if a heavy object is dropped onto the stone, it comes in tiles or pavers depending on how busy areas of the home become, and will survive a very very long time.

Now you love Limestone and you have heard all the qualities and properties and mention of some of the applications but let me enlighten you on everything Limestone can do. It works well as a flooring product. Anyone with Limestone flooring would tell you it is a great flooring product and easy to clean. But Limestone is not limited to just flooring. Stone Cladding is becoming more popular with interiors and exteriors, and with limestones strong qualities it is not surprising that limestone cladding is becoming increasingly popular. Even in fence and landscaping designs.

Limestone is strong, durable, “child proof”, easy to clean, easy to maintain, can be used as a flooring product or walling product, and is a highly sustainable product based on its strength. If wanting a feature stone for your home and marble is appealing, try limestone. It hasn’t let anyone down. Just up to you to pick the right colour.

Macrostone Stone Catalogue



Bold Bathrooms

Bathrooms have 3 major requirements, durability, waterproofing and drainage. This is why bathrooms tend to contain stone or ceramic tiles and metal finishes. These materials are easiest to maintain and the best to use when wanting a waterproof bathroom.

Picking between these and more non conventional materials is entirely up to the individual. But if you are looking to add that extra luxury factor to your bathroom, then stone is your best choice. But what stone should you use? Maybe this blog will help with your decision.

Stone can be cut into tiles, pavers or blocks and depending on your design and what you are wanting the stone for, can mean your requirements maybe different. Tiles can range in size but will always be around 12-20mm thick. While Pavers, same as tiles, can be cut into any size will be a lot thicker, being around 30-45mm thick. Blocks are a different story. Blocks can be cut into any size, depending on requirements, but you have no guarantee of what the stone pattern will be until someone starts caving the stone block.

Stone Project: Interior Bathroom Travertine

Now with the technical stuff, that you will either consider before or after selecting your stone, out of the way let us discuss your stone choices.


Lets start with the most impressive stone to use in a bathroom, Marble. If you want to show off your bathroom and make it its own, then Marble is what you need. Marble is interesting, its tracks and veins adding depth, variety and style to a bathroom. No two pieces of Marble are the same, even if using a book matching technique you will still find differences from one side to the other. Its just how Marble is designed.

But is Marble good for a bathroom. Yes, Marble is a great stone to use in a bathroom, it can be finished to create different uses. Marble can be polished for walling and honed for not slip flooring. These finishes easily guide water over their surface and into a drainage area. However anyone thinking of using Marble must remember, its beauty has a price. If you are wanting to place Marble in a bathroom that is used ferociously then maybe look into a stronger stone. Marble can scratch and after some wear can become fragile. So placing Marble in a show or guest bathroom is usually best.

– Waterproof: YES
– Durable: YES
– Scratch Proof: NO
– Different Finishes: YES
– Easy Drainage: VERY EASY

Stone Project: Interior Bathroom Sandstone
Stone Project: Interior Travertine Bathroom

Limestone is next. Used more for outdoor or high traffic areas, Limestone is strong, tough and durable. Limestone comes in a whole range of colours and strengths, as well as a huge variety of seals. Depending on the Limestone you choose will mean its strength and colour will be different, but limestone is one of the strongest stones to buy and its uniform colour highlights this strength. In its natural state limestone is highly porous so sealing needs to occur if placed in a bathroom space. Becoming more popular every year for its soft look and colour choice its hard for limestone not to match any bathroom needs or designs.

However if unsealed Limestone can cause a great amount of problems. Limestone can stain and being so porous can lead to rot if laid on top of a wooden structure. Therefore it is always highly recommended to seal and choose an appropriate finish for Limestone before being laid.

– Waterproof: Once sealed YES
– Durable: YES
– Scratch Proof: YES
– Different Finishes: YES
– Easy Drainage: EASY


Travertine is rising to its Limestone master with popularity. Travertine is a form of Limestone however how it is formed is its biggest difference. Travertine is formed by hot springs compacting sand and dirt into stone. This means, like limestone, it can be porous but just as durable. Travertine comes in a selection of colours, usually natural creams, brown, beiges and silvers based on where it was formed. But the best thing about travertine is how you ask for it cut. Being created by hot springs means you can cut the stone two ways, vein cut and normal cut. The difference in the cut could be the main attraction for your bathroom.

Travertine does need to be sealed and deciding its cut is very important when deciding what is going on with your bathroom. You might be wanting something interesting like Marble and you could pick a vein cut Travertine. Its prominent veins guiding you through the bathroom. You may want a uniformed coloured bathroom and a normal cut is exactly what you require. There are so many options with Travertine its easy to see how its popularity is growing.

– Waterproof: Once sealed YES
– Durable: YES
– Scratch Proof: YES
– Different Finishes: YES
– Easy Drainage: EASY 

Stone Project: Interior Limestone Bathroom
Bathroom Stone Bluestone Interior

Wanting something a little darker but still keeping with that sleek bathroom style. Bluestone maybe something to look into. Strong like Limestone and Travertine but coloured in dark greys, blacks, and blues, bluestone can make a statement when walking into a bathroom. Its dark tones suit any wall features, especially if creating a room with light walls and dark flooring. A big plus is Bluestone is easy to shape due to its volcanic origin and sometimes has tan or white marking which provides the stone more character when chosen for a bathroom.

However Bluestone has the same curse as Marble. It can scratch and can wear down overtime if not sealed and finished correctly for where it is being laid. That does not mean the stone is soft, its dark colour can just highlight scratches enough for them to be easily seen. Bluestone, being so dark though, can match any grout used to finish the bathroom. White, cream, brown, black all look impressive and can make a feature of themselves when matched with Bluestone.

– Waterproof: YES
– Durable: YES
– Scratch Proof: NO
– Different Finishes: YES
– Easy Drainage: VERY EASY


“Created by layers of densely packed sand”, you know what I am talking about, Sandstone. Sandstone is one of the softer stones on the market but choosing the right type of Sandstone for you needs can change everything when working on your design. Sandstone is colourful and full of earthy, natural tones. From brown, oranges, reds, blues, the choices are endless and so too are the patterns they come in. Pick a lovely Sandstone with a wave pattern can look magnificent with white finishing and steel features.

But Sandstone is not very durable and is therefore very high maintenance. Sandstone usually requiring two seals a year and regular checks for degrading stone. It is also more porous than Limestone and therefore can soak up and absorb almost all liquids. This can lead to warping if not checked and sometime discolouration. If choosing Sandstone make sure you check all its attributes before just deciding on its colour values.

– Waterproof: Once sealed YES
– Durable: Once sealed YES
– Scratch Proof: NO
– Different Finishes: YES
– Easy Drainage: Once sealed, EASY 

Bathroom Limestone Interior Stone

Stone is an interesting material. You may find that the information here maybe different from what someone else says but that depends on the stone product itself. There maybe a Limestone that has properties of a Sandstone but is still in the Limestone category. This doesn’t mean they fall under all the Limestone qualities mentioned. This is a guild to help you think of things maybe you did not know.

Your choice in stone type, style, design and cut can vary and with the ability to custom cut, carve and order means that each of these stone types have different possibilities when used in a bathroom setting. Your choices are endless.

Macrostone has a huge range of stone and can custom order if a specific stone is required BUT it is your choice to decide what is right for you and your home.


Meet The Team

Macrostone International has a wonderful team that is dedicated to making your stone selection easy without the headaches. Our team currently has seven members, each providing their own expertise within the industry. We thought that we should introduce the team to you and provide a little information about their role here at Macrostone.


Macrostone International

Anthony Finocchiaro

Director of Macrostone

Anthony is our Director here at Macrostone, the man behind the stone. Anthony is the forth generation of Finocchiaro’s to work with stone. He has a wealth of experience and has been working in the industry for years and still loves it. Anthony has a great eye for stone quality and will go out of his way to find the best quality stone for the most affordable price for his clients. Even if a client has a unique stone needed for a project, Anthony wont stop till he finds the best for you.

Ben Fisher

Sales and General Manager

Ben is our new Sales and General Manager at Macrostone, responsible for keeping you up to date with sales news, promotions, new stone products and making your stone selection easy and affordable. Ben looks after all our clients and distributors, updating them with Macrostone and Stone industry news. We deal with international stone companies which means anything can happen. But Ben will keep you up to date with everything to keep you dreaming easy.


Accounts and Logistics

Andrew has one of the most important roles in Macrostone. He keeps everything rolling. Andrew looks after you stone from delivery to arrival. He will keep eyes on your shipment, its location and its estimated time of arrive. When keeping one eye on this, his other is keeping you up to date with all this information regarding transport and your account details. If any issues or concerns arise with shipment, shipping or accounts he is the man to ask for to resolve it quickly and find out.


Marketinging and Digital Designer

Sarah is our Marketing and Digital Designer, responsible for our website, catalogue, booklets, social media and all advertising areas of Macrostone. She is the best person to contact for all your advertisement and printing needs regarding Macrostone. Need a new sign to promote our products or a flyer to show off our stock, send her a quick email and she will contact you about design options and requirements. Any issues with our website or advertisement materials she is the one to contact.


Design Consultant

Tamara is our Design Consultant with a background in interior design and architecture. She is a wonderful new addition to the team with her expert knowledge of the design world. She proves herself a valuable asset. Tamara is the best person to talk to when wanting advice for a project or for her creative ways to work with stone. Any help with any architect or design project stone enquires, Tamara is the one for you.



Korey has been working for Macrostone for years and has obtained a great wealth of knowledge about our company. He is responsible for keeping our distributors up to date with everything Macrostone. Korey is the first man in the Office and looks after all our calls. He also helps with our I.T. issues that is wonderful help for the team. Korey is happy to help whenever he can and has knows a great deal about Natural Stone.


Architecture and Design

Dominika is the newest member of the Macrostone team. She is highly skilled in Architecture and Design and will be a great help to the creative side of Macrostone. She is responsible for all our 3D rendering and providing some information about architect techniques and information.

Macrostones New Location

Macrostone International has been a local business at Tweed Heads for a number of years. Looking back we loved our warehouse location but as the business slowly changed so too did our location requirements.

Two months ago, Macrostone International made this wonderful move up the coast to the busy Robina area on the Gold Coast. Our Pod/Office Complex was perfect for our new Office and Architect Design Studio.

Please note: We are an appointment ONLY office.

Travertine Mosaic Quote
We are now located at 11/249 Scottsdale Drive, Robina QLD. By appointment ONLY.

Our team is finally settling in and we are slowly bringing our vision together to create a bright, creative space for creatives to work and play with our Natural Stone products.

Our Pod has two floors, when walking into the Office space you will be greeted by reception, with our accounts and sales area on your left and the design and marketing area on your right. Once inside you can move on upstairs to our Design Studio which will soon be fitted out with work benches and stone tables for you to use to master your interior or exterior projects design

Macrostone Gold Coast
Stone Project: Granite Exterior Flooring

We have over 500 stone swatches available for you to work with and many more is on there way. Macrostones Architect and Design studio is still under construction but appointments and swatches are available. So feel free to ring and drop by anytime.

Please Note: Any new or specced stone that is required for a project we can locate and provide. Our stone is personally inspected by our director, Anthony, and then is tested before being confirmed for our product range. If any requirements of the stone quality and colour fails then its back to finding you the best stone for your product.




Stone Varieties

The great masters of art each had their own ideas on what was considered truly beautiful. But each could agree that crafting art from stone started with the majesty and simplicity of the stone itself. Without a great piece to start with, there would be no beauty in it, no matter how good you were at your craft.

Stone, in the modern age, still holds this statement of enchantment. We can walk on stone, have walls surrounding us with stone or let it guide us through a garden. Each type of stone has its own quality and characteristics, that allows itself to be suited for any area. Its just up to the you where it is placed.

Stone Quote

Everyones favourite, Marble. Used for centuries as a stone of high value and status. Caved into great works of art or spread along the floor of old Cathedrals, for the world to admire. Great for a feature in your home, like a splash back to your kitchen or a bench top in your bathroom. It is a strong stone that has a great look and has a wonderful feel. But it can scratch easily if not looked after. Marble is most commonly used as flooring, vanities, splash backs or benches. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from using it in more creative and stunning ways.

Stone Project: Marble Bathroom Flooring and Cladding

Limestone is a hard sedimentary rock that has been used to create some of the great wonders of the world, like the Pyramids of Egypt. Its warm colour palette is comforting to the eye while its soft texture and cool feel under foot provides a welcoming atmosphere. Don’t been fooled by this soft texture though, Limestone is strong and is more durable than even Travertine. Generally used for flooring or walling, Limestone can make a great feature around the pool or outdoor area.

Macrostone Stone Catalogue
Stone: Travertine

Did you know that Travertine is formed by the deposits of hot mineral springs? It creates a flowing, sweeping appearance which is quite eye catching and has been used throughout the ages for its durability. Which can be admired still in grand landmarks around the world, like the Coliseum. It is still quite popular with architects when designing homes due to its strength and sponge-like appearance. However like most stone, it can scratch if not looked after properly. Suited for the outdoors, it can still look marvelous as flooring inside the home.

Stone Project: Sandstone Exterior Restort Flooring

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that compacts together using grains of sand. It represents all earth based qualities, from its colour to its texture. It is warm to look at and has a unique layering, leaving the stones texture quite striking and colourful. Sandstone tends to suite heritage homes and projects wanting that rustic look. But we careful, take care of sandstone, it is one of the softer types of stone.


Looking for something a little darker, try Bluestone. It is a volcanic stone that has a variety of finishes to suite anywhere in the home. It can be flamed or brushed to provide an outdoor area with added sophistication or honed for a softer feel under foot in a kitchen. Bluestone has an industrial look, which is great for anyone seeking a modern design and contemporary appearance. 

Macrostone Stone Catalogue

Finally we have Granite, it is a naturally dense and hard wearing volcanic stone. Usually used outside the home, on driveways or in large scale commercial projects. It can also work well inside the home as a bench top or a splash-back. Granite provides a durability that surpasses all other stone types and its colour ranges from light grey to almost black.

Macrostone Stone Catalogue
Stone is simple in its creation and is sophisticated in its beauty. It is up to you how to use this natural material so it can look timeless and enchanting in ones home or project. The great masters of art would revel at the stone we can find and import anywhere from around the world. Make a statement that can stand the test of time and think about the stone that will do that best for you.





Book Matching Stone

Picture yourself walking into a large foyer of a luxury hotel, a spiralling helical stair case dances between the ceiling and floor. As you gaze beyond the front desk you notice a beautiful stone feature wall, the veins of the stone mirror the spiralling staircase, swirling like a beautiful oil painting. Upon closer investigation you realise the veins are a continuing, mirrored image of one another and you begin to wonder if this is a natural effect or a clever enhancement. Perhaps this is what it looks like when we celebrate the environment and work together in harmony, just the right balance of creativity and innovation.

Book matching is a technique where stone is cut to create a symmetrical continuation of the stones veining. The stone is cut, polished and placed along side one another to create an unbroken pattern, which can be a very attractive way to show case a beautiful natural stone as a feature wall.

If you think of book matching as a stone telling its full story much like a photograph before it has been cropped and edited, you begin to understand book matching allows the stone to showcase its features and characteristics. Often book matching gives the effect that the two or more pieces of stone are a single piece of stone. Exhibiting the continuations within the stone and a beauty that is often hidden.

The mirrored surfaces read as an open book and in some stones it can achieve a natural patterning that has a sense of uniformity, while other stones will create a very abstract and organic pattern, which has been said by some to have a calming effect. When considering book matching your stone feature wall it is important to understand that only certain stones can achieve this special effect.

Different stones will also have different colours and veining, which will dictate the design outcome. When selecting your stone to create a feature wall that employs the book matching technique it is important to firstly understand what type of effect you would like achieve in your design. This is important due to some stones having the ability to create a very dramatic effect, while others can produce quite a subtle and soft effect. However keep in mind each stone varies much like a fingerprint so there are many options available when seeking a unique stone to suit your distinct vision. Pop over to our products page and find that special stone that completes your spectacular design.

Stone: Marble
Stone: Marble
Stone: Marble
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